How Do You Celebrate

Holidays That Last a Month!

All Day

Identify ways you can help your body focus on the fitness holiday throughout your day.

Once a Day

During each fitness holiday month incorporate one activity each day that will help you celebrate that month!

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Focus on a different aspect of fitness every month to make a lifestyle of changes.
Celebrate Your Fitness Holiday All Month Long!

It was a dark , lonely night when Michele Vieux sat down at her computer to create a workout masterpiece for her Invictus private coaching clients. There was so much to concentrate on every month that she started to get afraid that she would miss something really important!

She thought, "How great would it be if I could help my clients make one really important gain a couple of times a year? But they can't make major gains in just one workout; they need to focus on making that change after multiple weeks."

All of a sudden she remembered that the year was already broken into 4 week groupings... months! She could help her clients focus on one aspect of their fitness each month!

And that was how the National Fitness Holidays were born.

  • Improve Over Time
  • Throughout the Year
  • Fitness Doesn't Happen...
  • ...All at once


And now a word from our clients...

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