It’s a National Fitness Holidays Calendar T-Shirt!

It’s here! A shirt that shows all the National Fitness Holidays in their monthly glory!

  • If you like to look awesome, then this is the shirt for you.
  • If you want to be able to lift more, run faster, and jump higher, then this is definitely the shirt for you. (I’m not saying it will actually help you improve, but you will look so good in it that your confidence will go up and your chances of improving will increase exponentially.)
  • FRONT: The most epic declaration ever: Fitness is hugely important. Holidays are great. America loves them. 
  • BACK: A graphic representation of every holiday! If you’re starting your workout warm up in July, and you’re thinking, “Man, what should I focus on this month?” Just whip off your shirt see that July is for Booties and start doing some glute bridges.

National Fitness Holidays Calendar T-Shirt


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We are currently taking pre-orders. Pre-orders close on Dec 5 to make sure the elves have time to make your epic T-shirt in time for Christmas. Don’t miss out and be ostracized from your gym!Hit the Buy Now button and we will deliver your T-shirt before Christmas!

NOTE: This will show up on your bank statement as MGoodMeals.

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